Galaxy Invaders

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Destroy the monsters who want to invade the galaxy


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All ages

Galaxy Invaders is a fantastic spaceship game where you shoot evil beings in the middle of the galaxy.

If you like games set in outer space, with amazing spaceships and monstrous beings trying to invade the planet, you've found the perfect app.

In this game you've got to drive a fast spaceship and shoot your ammunition against all sorts of beings, while doing fast maneuvers to dodge the gunfire coming your way. Every time you manage to take down these creatures you'll get coins. It's essential that you stockpile these coins because in the next phases they'll let you use better ships and munitions.

The galactic monsters attack en masse, so you've got to be very fast at shooting and have decent aim. Take care because sometimes enormous beings appear that can destroy you with a single shot.

Play Galaxy Invaders with no limits and try out all the incredible spaceships this game offers. Protect the galaxy – onwards and upwards!